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Welcome to The International Registry of Surface Protection

The International Registry of Surface Protection is a free standing and independent foundation and registry whose purpose is to help businesses communicate the measurements they have taken to prevent viral and bacterial surface contamination.



The IRSP is an association created together with the absolute best manufacturers of antimicrobial coatings. To be a member (manufacturer) your product must pass all the tests and be EPA registered. Click here to register your products.


Any facility coated with any of the members product can be registered in the registry. The registry is a searchable online database open to the public. In the database users can see the activity/status on a specific address.


Any facility registered in the database will get a printed certificate and a number of decals to attach to the treated surfaces. All decals and certificates will also be sent digitally to be used in printed collateral and online. Click here to register a facility.


The IRSP is an independent organization that works with many different product manufacturers serving as a public registry for consumers to feel safe when entering establishments both nationally and internationally.

A building or an establishment with an IRSP certification means that it not only has been sanitized recently, but has also had a long lasting IRSP-approved antimicrobial coating installed on its premises as well. The establishment’s records of these services can be looked up publicly on the IRSP website.

Businesses and establishments alike now have a place to show their customers that their business or location has gone above and beyond to make their patrons feel safe. Furthermore, the IRSP certification provides assurances that these locations are committed to the importance of proper sanitation policies and procedures.

Are you a product manufacturer that makes sanitation products? Click here to register your products with the IRSP

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